OpenWrt Networking on Raspberry Pi with Qualcomm QMI RmNet

This article will help you quickly take a Raspberry Pi and configure it as an Internet Router using OpenWrt software.

We focus on OpenWrt 22.03.6 software and Telit-Cinterion 5G, 4G, and 3G Cellular module hardware MV32-W / MV31-W / FN990.

Internet connectivity is achieved using the Qualcomm MSM Interface (QMI) RmNet in user mode.

This uses shell scripts and the “libqmi” Command Line Interface utilities to drive the module (not AT Commands).

Note that only the Raspberry Pi 4 and above will offer true Multi-100Mb/s throughput.

Full PDF presentation:
2024_04_03_OpenWrt_Raspberry_PI_networking_QMI-RmNet.pdf (2.2 MB)

Packages and Scripts: (4.7 MB)